error message with move fixed distance commands in 3.1-6

I’m getting this error message when I try to move a piece using the move fixed distance trait:

bad data found in module or saved game
not all numbers: 0,0

What does this mean? I only get the message the first time I move a piece.

Here’s a skeleton version of the module. Just open up “Saratoga_2-0_working_2.mod” and try to use the commands to move the morale marker to the left or right.

The “Distance Upwards” value of the Moved Fixed Distance trait is not optional. You have to put in 0 as the argument. This may be a bug.

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Not really a bug so much. However, it would be nice if we had validators on the traits. The default y translation is 60 (?) which is odd. I suspect people’s first reaction is to just delete it which results in errors.

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2008/12/8 Michael Kiefte < (>

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It is not that simple. The fields in question can all contain $xxxx$ variables, so it is not possible to test them to see if they are numeric.

One of the changes I have lined up for 3.2 will add a small Calculator Icon at the end of all fields that can take $xxx$ variables to make it clear where these can be used. (Clicking on the calculator will open up an expression editor that will allow you to enter a validated in-line Calculated Expression (i.e. formula), but that’s another story).

I think the solution in this case is that the Move Fixed Distance should evaluate null and blank as 0.


I commited r4648 which does just that. Module works fine now.

On another note, this is another image that my laptop struggles with, but it’s a JPEG. Up until now, I’ve been largely looking at maps generated by the importer, so they were pretty vanilla.

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That did the trick. Thanks guys!