Errors installing 3.6.7

I have a strange issue. Was downloading the 3.6.7 today on a new computer. During the first download I got error messages saying the download and install could not be completed. Had a box pop up with a file to upload here. But the file is gone cannot find it. The Vassel program is working but I cannot open the tool bar for my game?

If you had an error from the installer, you should reinstall and if the error recurs, try to note what it is and reply back with that. (This is one of the few situations in which we recommend reinstalling.)

If you’re still having a problem after that, please let us know what module you’re trying to load.

Hello I Uninstalled and reinstalled 3.6.7 and have the same problem. I am a game SPI War in Europe 095. I can open the log files sent to me, but the tool bar line will not show the charts and tabs for the German or allies. The neutral stuff works.


I don’t understand what you’re saying here. Could you describe the problem differently, or provide the log file which is causing the problem so we can see it ourselves?

If it does the same when you look at this game. The charts and replacement tabs doe work.


(Attachment 088 German South 13-4-39.vlog is missing)

Attaching that file didn’t work. Can you upload it somewhere we can get it?

That sounds like a problem with Restricted Access items. Is this a game you were participating in, or are you just trying to play a .vlog from someone else’s finished game? If you were participating in the game but now can’t access certain items, that would most likely be because you changed your module password (which is how VASSAL identifies which side you are on).

Ok I will ask about PW. I recently got a new computer and downloaded the latest program.

You Are right, used the password and it works. I forgot about it. The simple things.


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