EuroFront 2 Issue

I can’t move pieces from the set-up sheets, or the dead pile, to the map. I can move units into the dead pile OK, and drag units on to the set-up sheets.

Very odd, and it’s a recent problem as I’ve used the module for years now.

Using a Mac Air, OS is Sierra 10.12.16, Vassal engine is 3.2.17, EuF2 module is 1.9.

Any ideas?


This? [url]]

Thanks for that link. Unticking the Combined Application Window box seems to fix the problem.

However the Java update suggestion doesn’t seem to help, as I am on the latest version already. Maybe when I move to High Sierra 10.13 it will work with the box ticked. But in the meantime having the map and the controls as separate boxes isn’t an issue, it always used to be like that anyway.

10.13 was where the trouble started for me.

Thanks again.

I’m not rushing to 10.13, I always wait until the new release has fully settled, and this clearly isn’t a reason to change.