Europe Engulfed Real Time Players wanted

I live in Colorado, USA, GMT -7 and have much flexible time for gaming online in real time. Please respond if interested. Dan

Still looking for this title, will get back to you when a fact. Which other titles if any do you play?

Don’t have too many on hand any more, but if you suggest one, i can check my closet to see if it is there.

EE is great, and with the Vassal engine you really don’t need to own the game. You can download rules and charts from Boardgamegeek or I could email them to you in PDF format.


PS what time zone are you in?

Thus spake “mountaintopdan”:

You really should make sure that someone who is playing owns the game.


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whole-hearted agreement which is why am looking to pick up. At present learning Totale Krieg, Pacific Victory, Empire of the Sun. Have not yet decided for EE or new Sturm Europa, both?

Get EE as you will have to wait for Sturm Europa. I have EE but never played, would be keen to try.

Get EE, will likely but at present we must set-up TK.