EV, 1805, THoM, TSC, CoM and TBB Skype opponent wanted

Hello chaps!

I’m looking for some European opponent wishing to play online (possibly) the following games (in no particular order):

Elusive Victory

The Burning Blue


The Halls of Montezuma

The Supreme Commander

Clash of Monarchs

I fancy to play by Skype so, if you like those games, feel free to contact me on Skype as:


Stefano Cuccurullo


I’m Italian, writing in English only because it’s the official forum language.

I’m interested in finding opponents for all possible Gmt card-driven game and even for some different editor like Compass games Spartacus.

I have not yet Skype, but I’m going getting it as soon as I’ll change my Pc (waiting for the new Os Seven).

If you are still interested in playing, pls let me know,