Example of Counting Expressions in a Deck

Can someone recommend a module that uses counting expressions in a card deck? I want to use this feature to count the number of like pieces on a map. I’ve read the example from the help page (appended below) but have not got it figured out yet. Thanks very much.


The feature you refer to can only be used on decks and is only found on the deck dialog (naturally). Therefore I am puzzled as to how you would (or even could) use this feature to count the number of pieces that are on a map (which isn’t the same as a deck) like you say you want to :question:

My mistake in phrasing the question. I meant to count the number of pieces in a Deck. I didn’t know how to report this but learned a neat thing from the Carcassonne module. A text label does the job nicely.

In the example below I’ve created an at start stack on the Ump Only board. I’ve expanded out the attributes of the Text Label. (An image is not required to be assigned to this piece)


I positioned this stack just underneath the coffee cup on the Ump Only map. The Coffee Cup tracks pieces in the deck that are assigned marker value of “target = true”


Now for every piece in the coffee cup with this marker, the text label will report the total to me on the Ump Only window


Hope that is helpful for someone.


Helped me - thx