Example of starting VASSAL from command line with specific vmod and vsav file options

Can someone point me to the docs on command line launch options and examples? I’d like to skip the module selector GUI and game selector and skip right into the saved game state.

If there are no docs, I see some of the options in LaunchRequestHandler code, can someone provide an example?

Thanks, Dan Becker

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java -classpath path/to/Vengine.jar VASSAL.launch.Player --help

will print the help.

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I am able to use this syntax to launch a module in my debugger. I use the arguments --load ./VASSALmods/CCAncientsV41f1.vmod and it works fine.

However if I use similar arguments with a saved game, --load ./VASSALgames/003.vsav, I see the load exits because the game module has not been initialized.

At the operating system level, double clicking on a module or a saved game in the file manager brings up the app to the correct state.

Can you give an alternate way of launching a saved game, so I am able to debug it?

Thanks, Dan

You need to specify both the the module file and the save file as arguments. E.g.:

java -classpath .path/to/Vengine.jar VASSAL.launch.Player --load hex.vmod hex.vsav
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