Expand scope of Debug mode

Debug mode is disabled for save game files that have experienced a switch of player (so far as I understand). On trying to use certain commands, like property show... , the user instead gets this message:

  • Console commands that affect game state not allowed in multiplayer games.

This stops debug commands becoming an invitation to cheat though is perhaps an abundance of caution, considering other avenues possible in Vassal v3 that are more straightforward and don’t require knowledge of the module internals.

This request is that if a game file has zero sides taken in it, then Debug mode will be unrestricted. This won’t cover all possible pre-defined scenarios, some of which will have sides taken to deliberately exclude them. However, it will make debug mode considerably more useful without increasing the game integrity risks.

Apologies in advance to those more knowledgeable, if I have completely underestimated the issues here.