Expression Builder - Duplicate zone entries in property list

I have a module that is displaying duplicate entries for a couple of Zone name in the Expression Builder global properties list. (“Allies” & “French”, see image). The contents within each pair is identical.

The module itself only contains one entry for each of these Zones.

At the moment this doesn’t seem to be causing any harm. I can select properties from any of this duplicate zones lists and get the expected effect of copying the property name into the expression.

I am curious whether this indicates an issue / duplication within the Buildfile itself.

[attachment=0]Duplicate entries.jpg[/attachment]

So am I :slight_smile: Do you have a link to the module?


I was able to reproduce this exact issue by cutting pasting the same zone to create 2 separate copies of the same zone. Check and see if this is the cause for you, it should show up in the Main module config window. The 2 copies are not necessarily near each other in the config file. Note that this should not effect the operation of Vassal, the first copy will ‘shadow’ the second copy which will be ignored.

Thanks Brent; that was it, just took me a couple more looks to realise what I had done. Raises a question for me that I will post in Module Design.


Actually Brent, before I ask a question in Module Design, when you say “masked”, can you say how that applies in the following situation?

Board A - contains Zones X, Y, Z and is listed first in the Editor.
Board B - contains the same set of Zones but defined in a way to map to Board B and the game mechanics applicable to Board B.
At game set up either Board A or Board B are selected to play the game.

In general, the same logical applies to pieces using Board A or Board B.

Will a game set-up on Board B work - i.e. any references to Zones X,Y and Z will refer to those Zones on Board B ?

Thank you,


The Zone lookup works as follows.

Given a point on map, locate which board that point is on. Search through the zones defined on that board in the order they are defined in the Editor until the first zone defined that contains the point is located. Return that Zone.