Facilities to lock out selected Player Sides

Locking out player sides which are not relevant to the scenario can help players joining a game and allow player side switching to be as efficient as possible for solo players. With a lot of scenarios it is impractical as the manual effort is high.

This request is to give the module developer the ability to lock out certain player sides, as a one time or dynamic operation, preventing players from joining or switching to that side.

Two possible facilities are envisaged:

  1. A mass refresh akin to PDS Refresh or tacked onto it that would disable a specified list of Player Sides.

  2. A dynamic facility that would allow each PlayerSide to be disabled/enabled using a Hotkey specified for that side (in the Player Sides component). This would be especially useful for modules that provide a Solitaire role, as it would allow the role to be locked out once an opposed game is underway.