FASA Starship Tactical Combat Simulator

Looking for players of FASA Starship Tactical Combat Simulator.
I have have played Starfleet Battles in the past and interested in FASA’s version of Star Trek Ship combat.
There are some new rules I have incorporated into the game.
The ship sheets were modified and created using google docs spreadsheet.
The spread is used to track damage, energy use, etc.
No written paperwork is required.
I am in the process of creating templates for ships.
If you are interested, please contact me.
I prefer live play using messenger/chat or we can use skype.

Hello Mr. Bond, I am currently playing a lot of the computer version of STCS and totally love it. The thing that prevents me from playing the boardgame, which I do own, is all the paperwork. Your mention of “no paperwork required” is very intriguing to me. If you are still interested in an opponent please let me know or if not, can I get your module? Thanks much,

Tod Kershner

I have created google sheets for a couple of ships. You can track energy allocation and damage on the sheets.
We could try a simple duel.
I made a change to the movement rules that allow more maneuvering for the ships.
Instead of having to pay for movement each turn, the last movement momentum carries over to the next turn. You can then use extra energy for movement points for accel/deccel and change you current speed.
In order to maintain the previous movement momentum, you need to expend war energy to maintain the war bubble.
1 - speed 1-10, 2 speeds 11-20, 3 speeds 21+

Hello! Looking to see if anybody is still playing this? I played STSTCS a lot many stardates ago. In the past 6 months I recently dusted off my old hard copy of the game and have been introducing several friends to it. I’d be interested in finding folks online who still play. I’ve even come up with my own excel versions of the Master Control Panels that I am happy to share…