FE (AH 2nd Ed) and/or Balls Bluff

There are two games for which I’d like to find opponents. I always loved Avalon Hill’s Fortress Europa (2nd Ed.) - not the modern Compass Games version. And I’d like to learn the small Balls Bluff game, which was a magazine game provided to War Diary Magazine. This game has promise for the development of other small scale US Civil War games. Also, it would give me a good trial with the new Vassal module for the game, which I designed.

So, that’s two games for which I’d like to find opponents

  1. Fortress Europa (Avalon Hill 2nd Ed.)
  2. Balls Bluff (Legion Wargames)

Anyone interested, drop me a line at tdchistorian@gmail.com

Fortress Europa opponent found.

Hoping someone will step forward for Balls Bluff. Might be helpful if the same individual has some Area Movement Civil War games. I’ve gathered all the OOB and map work to design a game based upon Altoona Pass. Am hoping the interaction and game play will direct me toward a good general rules design.

I’m very much enjoying my game of FE. I almost always get the crap kicked out of me when I play just about any game, but not this one. This is a game I’ve played many times and never lost, at least not when I’ve been playing the Allies. And we’ve been maintaining a blazing pace, about 1 full turn a day. Sometimes more. We began on the 17th and we’re already well into Sept. 44.

Of course, if anyone wants to challenge me at Gladiator … you’ll enjoy carving me up.

I won in the Jan IV turn by taking all of the major objective cities including Munich. I wanted to eliminate the Munich garrison, my opponent stocked it with a 4-3, a 5-4, and a 6-4 (his last strong infantry). The weather went bad again, so no air power for me, and it restricted my 2nd impulse armor. However, I had just enough strength to make a 2-1 Surrounded. I got a DR result, which wiped out the garrison. Being it was Jan 4, my opponent couldn’t relieve the city in time for his Feb I reinforcements to arrive to make the effort to save the last objective city. So, with Munich being surrounded with no relief before the Allied Feb 1 turn, I won by waltzing into an empty Munich.