Feature Request - allow hiding toolbar elements

It would be helpful to have the ability to dynamically hide toolbar buttons (e.g., Maps, Toolbar dropdowns, etc.) using a property, thus allowing them to be displayed (or not) as appropriate.

My specific use case. Depending on the scenario, some forces may not be available, but the force pool button still takes up space. Thus, if the Italians aren’t part of that scenario, would like to be able to hide the Italian FP button (show/hide map).

@Cattlesquat made an attempt on this in a beta release of v3.7 but a problem could not be resolved. I understand that the difficulty is with the way multi-action / menu button components have been implemented.

I’m not sure of the exact status, but this has been added in the current master of the 3.7 beta for many of the components which now have this option:

Update: OK, The current status in 3.7 is that you can disable buttons via the property, but the hide functionality has been walked back (for now at least).

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The Disable feature was introduced with v3.6.

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