Feature Request for Skies Above Britain

I’m very new to Vassal and have downloaded the excellent Skies Above Britain module by @jimpyle.

I have an observation/feature request which is to either add the Squadron Log/Pilots Roster, or a status marker for pilots that says they flew the last mission. Something like tired. Not fatigued which is flying the last two missions. It can be hard to keep track of who will be fatigued without some sort of interim marker or a record sheet.

Overall I am amazed at the quality of the module but I found I still needed a fair bit of desk space for the reference charts and logs/rosters.

Thanks for the compliments.

Adding perhaps a “T” for tired should be easy enough but let me poll Boardgamegeek and CSW to see if other players have a term they prefer.


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I often use files stored on my computer to handle info like that. In your case I would have a spread sheet with the pilots’ names along one side and a list of dates flown. Or a list of dates across the other side so I could put an “x” on the dates flown.