Fighting Wings Modules

I’m new to the fighting wings series and noticed that there are two vassal modules–one that’s publicly available but hasn’t been updated in years and an up to date module that you have to join a club to download.

Why do they (whoever they are} do it this way? Why not just retire the old one and post the latest one on this website?

Not sure of the “why”, but you really don’t need to “join a club” to get the most current module. There is a very active Fighting Wings community on, and folks there play frequently (some using a Vassal module, some using PBEM with physical maps and counters, some using other mechanisms). If interested, you should check it out at, and look for the Fighting-Wings-Games group (you will need to subscribe to the group).

Hi Marten,

Thanks for your interest in the Fighting Wings module. I am the developer of the newer version.

I have no control over why the old version is not retired. I had nothing to do with it. The reason the “New” Version is not here is because it is simply not ready.

The Fighting Wings players have driven the development of the module with polite support, ideas, and even fixes. With their help, it is up to Version 5.xx and I just started working on the final version in January. I am not a programmer and have little free time to work on it so there is no release date.

If you want a copy of the current version, you are welcome to it. go to:

ask to become a member and the links to all of the current files are on the main page stickied to the top. I haven’t turned anyone down yet.

There is no club, fees, or anything else involved. Feel free to leave the group as soon as you get it downloaded.

When I have the working version with a help manual I will happily give it to the world. At this point it has a few wrinkles runs slower than I want and has a VERY outdated help source.

If you are new to Fighting Wings, the group mentioned by Dave is a treasure trove of knowledge, where several 30+ year players and the developer of the game are very active. Jean and Ian who put together the version on Vassal even pop in from time to time.