File saving not working

Hopefully I am in the right place.

I have just started using VASSAL 3.6.19 on Windows 10. I have installed VASL 6.6.6 and it is no longer saving games or logs - it was working fine yesterday. When I try to create a save file, it seems to work, but it appears that the file disappears as soon as it is created. When I open File Manager the ‘recent files’ shows the files I created but they have 0 size and are not there when I go to the folder.

I re-installed everything and also tried VASL to see if that changed it but no joy. I seem to be able to copy to an existing save file - so I suppose I might be able to work around it by copying my old files and giving them a new name, although I don’t know if I can do this with log files.

What folder on your hard drive are you attempting to save files in?

The same one as I used yesterday when it was working: D:\…\VASL\Games

I’m not sure what the 3 dots are omitting. It leaves me curious if you have Windows installed on your D: drive and D:\Program Files\ is part of the path being left out.

In any case, you are very likely to be asked to see if anything appears in your error log when this happens. From the module manager, Help → Show Error Log (or you can find the actual error log file on your system).

No it’s just D:\Stuart\VASL\Games.

It looks like it’s working again now I can get saves and logs - I don’t know what I did but I just fiddled with it a bit.

Thanks for the help.