Finding/Editing Existing Image Files

I have a module that i am wanting to edit with updated card images. I have been able to find the PNG files if I open the module file up in a zip file program (7ZIP)…but how do i edit them and place them back into the module file?

Use a graphic program of your choice and simple overwrite the files within the archive.

I tried that. Get a memory full error.

The exact Error “Not Enough Storage Space to complete this operation”

Which operation and which program to you use?

I am using Paint Shop Pro to edit the image file…and then 7Zip extract the VMOD File. With the 7Zip program open, I am just dragging the file into the 7Zip program, it asks if i want to copy the file to zip file, when i hit YES i get that error.

Strange, shouldn’t happen. Didn’t at least happen here.
Have you tried to zip the folder instead of adding the new content?
Have you tried renaming the file to zip (even it shouldn’t make a difference)?
And finally, how many ram do you have? Maybe it simple encountered your ram limit, even I can’t imagine it.

I actually found a better way…it can be done in the editor just by clicking the image…it actually brings up a dialog box where i can browse to the new image…thanks!