Finding OCS Game and opponent

Hi to all
i’m a wargamer since some months. I like operational games and i would like to try an OCS game with not very large map.
I was thinking that Baltic Gap or Blietzkrieg Legend could be a right choice.
Anyone that wants to play this system with me on PBEM mode?
I’m from Italy GMT+1 (now +2 for DST) .

ps. sorry for my bad english…

HI Simon,

I would be up for a smaller or lower density OCS game.

Both great games, but not usually chosen for beginners. There are scenarios that could work very well however. I’ve been playing Blitzkrieg Legend lately and any of the three mini-campaign scenarios (6.1-6.3) would be ok. I’ve played North and Center recently, and they were good PBEM. North is really good as an intro, but requires alot of specialized OCS knowledge to make the parachute and air landings work well. There are also smaller scenarios (6.5-6.7), that I haven’t really looked at.

I haven’t played Baltic Gap in a awhile, but loved it when I did. I would be willing to try either of the scenarios that split the full campaign start (5.2 or 5.3). There is also Kisner’s scenario pack ( … 20Pack.pdf) that present smaller or short versions of the campaign starts.

If the Vassal module for Reluctant Enemies was out, that would probably be ideal though.

I tend to prefer the lower density games (specifically Korea, Tunisia, and Burma) for PBEM. I am currently playing a Burma game PBEM.

Better than my Italian - which is limited to ciao. I’m in Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -7). I am up for either side in any of the above, so why don’t we take this to email to work out the details.