Fire & Axe: A Viking Saga

Hey all,

I’m new to the whole Vassal thing but have been playing a few games solo and doing a bit of self-learning in the background to see what I can achieve - and happily I can say that I’m not totally inept at it so far.

That being said, one of the games I have great difficulty getting any game time with locally is Fire & Axe: A Viking Saga, so I was tinkering with the idea of creating a version of this on Vassal to see if I could increase the chances of play.

Has anyone tried making a module for this game before?

I know there is the step regarding gaining permission to create an online version of the game but thats an area I’m not too sure how to go about gaining any necessary permission from the appropriate people or companies involved.

The game was published by Asmodee, but is now out of print, removed from their library of games and they’ve no plans to issue a reprint - would I still need to seek permission from Asmodee? The original version or parent game was Viking Fury by the Ragnar Brothers who have since began publishing their version of the game again - I’m not sure if they hold the rights to Fire & Axe or just Viking Fury (or do they just count as the same thing)??? Anyone more experienced in this field have any ideas?

Anyways, I’m prep’ing ideas for a personal/privare version to build my vassal skills before thinking about releasing anything public - would anyone else be interested in a module for this game?

Well if anyone is interested, I’ve emailed off to both Asmodee and Ragnar Brothers seeking permission to create this game on Vassal.

I’ve also created a similar topic on BGG in the hope that somebody else may have some info or the developers themselves may come across it there, should the direct emails prove unsuccessful.

Will wait and see what comes back from this…