Fire In The Lake - Any Players Out There?

Hi there,
I have recently bought fire in thr lake. But some friends and I struggled to get to grips with the rules.

Are there any players on here looking for a/another playing partner (albeit new to the ruleset).

Also happy to play distant plain.

I am UK time zone.


Big fan of the coin series here. European TZ too. If you want to fetch a game group count me in.

Hey Torque,
I sent you a pm last week did you receive it?


Hey there,

I would like to try it too. I am GMT +1 available Monday through Wednesday in the evenings.


Torque and I are looking to set up a game in the near future. Your welcome to join us? Now we just need a 4th ;)

-any others out there?


Hello Sharpe, if you are still looking for a fourth, I own the game and would be happy to play.

I’m in the UK. I purchased the game and its being delivered next week, Nov 24, after release from customs! If you’re looking for more opponents I’m interested. Have you all got together yet for a game? How is it as a 4?

Hi Everyone,
Due to there being slightly more interest than I expected I have decided to make a gaming group, all are welcome :slight_smile:

I am hoping to try and get a game of Fire in the Lake in this Saturday coming from about 19:00 uk time - let me know if your interested.