Fire in the Lake - controlling more than one faction

Is it possible for one player to control more than one faction (ARVN + US OR VC + NVA, of course) to play with fewer than four players without bots? The original board game allows for that option with slightly tweaked victory conditions. In the module I couldn’t find a way to do that.

You just have to use the “Retire” button in the toolbar to continually change between the available sides.

If you know how to edit Vassal modules, then you might be able to change your personal copy to do what you want. I haven’t looked at the module, so I don’t know what’s all involved, but I would try this. Add a new player side that could access the private windows you want to get to (e.g. the ARVN and US private windows). Then play as that new side. Of course, if the module has an embedded saved-game file for scenario setup, then that would throw a monkey wrench into it, but it’s fixable with some extra work.

Thanks a lot.