Fire In The Lake

I am looking to set up a Fire In The Lake PBEM game.
I have played several times solo but am looking to step it up and play against a real opponent.

Interested, please let me know.
I can do a 2 or 4 player option.


I am way new with this game and would like a go at it.

I can try PBeM or even try a live event via SKYPE.

Sounds good, but prefer email as I don’t always have the availability to play multiple rounds live.

Do you have the Vassal module and ready to play?
Do you have a preference as to sides?

Let me send you a post.

I have played a few times if you are still looking.

Hello, I debated whether to open a new thread or continue this one.

I’m looking at setting up a 4-player Fire In the Lake game played live w/ Skype. I think it would be best to play live, since this is my first time playing. As long as we get 4 ppl together at the same time, we should be able to stumble through a few turns until we get the hang of the turns/rules.

I have watched a few youtube videos and currently playing through the tutorial.

I am available for mostly weekend (sat/sun) playing and am located in the Central Time zone.

If you’re interested, let me know what times would work for you. Would like to get 3 additional players.

I have recently purchase the board game and really want to learn the game - could anyone offer me a game at some point in the future, or can I tag along to some of the games you are running?

I am UK time zone.