Fireball Island module

I’m working on a module for Fireball island.
Do i have to blanck the card because of copyright issue? I tried to contact Hasbro to know about the copyrigh of this game but i don’t have a answer yet.
Is it better to include the rules in the module?
I’m nearly done with this module and i’ll put it here for a review a soon as i finish it.
As it is the fist time i create a module, there will probably be some mistakes in the code.
(sorry for my frenglish :stuck_out_tongue:)

I’m struggling with the final settings of this module.
i’m trying to set the fireballs (done) and a way to materialize there path when launched (not done…)
So i use the “replace with other” fonction (replacing the fireball picture by it path picture on the board) but it seems that even if i set the “horizontal” and “vertical” offset it doesn’t have any effect on the new image.
Any idea on how to do it? or do i have missed something?

Ok i’ve find my way to do it.
The module is done and fully playable.
I’ve put the rules and some quick start intel in the help menu.
I just have created a module page
there sure is room for improvement.
Enjoy and give me your feeback

I found a way to do it.
Module is now finished. There sure is room for improvement though.
I have created a module page, enjoy and give me your feedback.

Module done. I’ve found a way to solve these issues.
It sure has room for improvement but it is fully playable.
I’ve created a module page for it.
Enjoy and give me your feedbacks

Sorry for this three times posting…