First Time Twilight Imperium Game

I just got the Vassal engine and the Shards of the Throne module the other day and feel confident enough now to try out a game.

I’m looking for some friendly patient folks who would be willing to play a first game with me and show me the ropes.

Please reply to this thread, I’ll be checking often, once I get a few people that want to play I’ll get a game going.

I wish to join you, but sadly im not that experient with VAssal. I played like 2 games of Eclipse a day ago…
And im looking foward to play Twilight Imperium !! I already download the modulo for the shards of empires…

Ok Eradicator, we just need one more person and we can start playing. Would you be ok with having a play by email game? Twilight Imperium takes several hours to play otherwise.

Hi I am down for a game. I am new to Vassal but looking to get a game going.

Are you guys going to play live or pbem. Not sure if you pbem.

Would be interested as well, you guys already started?

Hi all,

if you’re looking for more players and/or advice with TI3 via Vassal, come join us at the TI3 Online Community at