Fixing a game file during development

I am upgrading a module during playtest development. Therefore the maps and pieces are changing. I made what I thought were all the necessary changes to the module before starting to create saved games (scenarios). However, I am half-way through creating a large saved game and I noticed a typo in a Map Board name that caused that map (actually an off-board display) to not render. I fixed it in the module and it works from there if I use “New Game.” However, if I load the saved game the problem is still there.

How can I cause the saved game to re-read the module definitions, or edit it directly? I don’t want to have to start again :frowning:

thanks in advance

Have you tried opening the scenario and using Tools…Refresh Counter ?

Yes, no luck, It is a map issue, not a counters issue. Although I have not used that tool before and might not understand how to use it.

I notice I am on 3.1.4, I will update.

If it’s a matter of a simple typo, you may be able to get away with opening the .vsav file in a decent text editor (not Windows Notepad!) and doing a search-and-replace.

I unzipped the vsav file but the data appears to be encrypted, or perhaps compressed.

Oops, forgot that save files are indeed encrypted (to prevent cheating, I believe). Sorry about that.