Flames of War?


is there a Vassal-Module for Flames of War?


ruleslawyer.bellguard.com/?p … mment-2108


thanks for your post. I know this page but they havn’t released their mod. So I tried to ask here about this.


I had tried getting ahold of the vassalfow.blogspot.com guy to help him on his project, but never heard back, and it has been a little while since his blog has been updated. So, I started work on my own FoW module (which is heavily indebted to the warhammer40k modules) mainly so that a forum I frequent could do “play-by-post” games. I have a barebones setup at the moment, so it is “playable”, but is minimalist, in my opinion.

We did just finished a test game on our forum which went well, though. I had modeled some late-war units to use for that, and and going to start in on trying to fill out the entire early-war arsenal, based on the blitzkrieg book. Once I’ve done that, am happy with the available terrain elements, and have cleaned it up a little bit, I might release it officially, but until then it is just playing on an unfinished module.
I’ll be posting updates at vfow.wordpress.com

could you put a link to download this mod?

Im also wanting to work on a mod for fire and fury and JRIII, along with British grenadier so I stumbled across this while I was trying to learn on the forums on building a mod

Im new to FOW and would love this for solo play and playing others while I recruit more local guys.



I intend to release version 1.0 for download once I finish the Blitzkrieg units. The sheer number of units for this game is the time sucker.

Great!! very much looking forward to your mod.

Im working on my first one as well, for British Grenadier Miniature rules, once I get that down Im hoping to do one for Fire & Fury and Johnny Reb III.

Learning a lot but a long way to go.

My modules will be done using just vassal, maybe some veteran designers can help me pretty them up or add bling once Im done with a functioning module, I dont know how to customize any java.

oh nice - I had some civil war miniatures (I think they are still in my attic) that never got used for lack of people to play.

Did this project ever get completed? Id love to see this mod out there!

Going to do some necromancy and resurrect this thread. So with no real computer art or programming abilities, I have gotten myself through to make a decently playable version of a Flames of War mod. I have permission from Battlefront to release it to others for free. Mostly looking for help playtesting, creating sprites, and possibly some java work for custom dice rollers. Link for forum which has links to download is below: