Flattop opponent wanted

Looking for someone to play some Flattop

My location is central time USA and pretty flexible as to playing time.

I never played using vassal and do need to brush up on the rules some but it is one of my favorite games.

If interested you can contact me at gameboy51@mail.com

I am also flexible on trying other games and learning some as well

Still looking for an opponent? I also like Flattop And I would also need to brush up on rules. I may have a day available like Thursday or Friday. I am in th e Eastern Time zone, FL.

If you guys need a referee. Look me up!

He would have to reply first.

uhm…that’s unfortunate.
I’ve had the same problem on this message board in the past.
Maybe you’d like to give it a go with me?
Not sure how this would work without a ref but I’m willing to try it out.

We could give it a shot. When are you available day and time wise?

Aye…I was thinking more like pbEm…
Guess that won’t work then. Too bad. :frowning:

if u 2 were to get together I could ref.

Thanks Tac!!!
I’m in if skotkoir is ready.
I’m at yveslagimoniere@telus.net

I will play. Let me know if you need someone.

OK Great!
I’m still around and ready to go.
As long as Tac is still willing to referee…

Sent Tac a Pm. Hopefully we get a reply.

Meanwhile, it’s best to get me at yveslagimoniere@telus.net.

I have another possible. However he is in Australia.

PM sent

Almost 2 1/2 years later someone wants to play Flattop…U still interested?
April 12 2020 you can email me direct at jim.bennett@shaw.ca in Western Canada

I’m interested in playing as well.

A played this in the late 80s about 3 times. Loved the game, but never got a copy. Would love to play again if the rules are available in pdf.

Flattop and any WW2 board game are used in our Group Game. May I send you our manual?