Flying Colors Age of Sail

Looking to play GMT’s Flying Colors. I am California based and can play almost anytime but I hate mornings. I have played 4-5 times but all solo, so still a beginner.


Still interested in a game?
Look me up.

Are we talking Vassal?? or head to head??


Looks like a good game!

I was looking for a PBM game.
Unfortunately, the module does not work properly… :frowning:

@Iraque92: If the problem you’re experiencing is ship movement not displaying correctly in vlog’s, there is a workaround. After each ship finishes moving, “waggle” the stern to port or starboard and back again. The ship will then jump to its correct location in the vlog. Also send a save file to your opponent to begin their log from. Kind of a pain, but it works.


Also, when I played last year, we found that Vassal 3.1.15 seem to work pretty well - couldn’t use later versions at that time. Maybe it’s still the same ?! If so try downloading that version from the Vassal mod archive.

I like play Flying Colors PBM With Vassal module.