Flying Colors - Initial Broadside Tracking

My friend and I have been playing FC recently, thanks to a great Vassal module.
We like to use the optional rule for initial broadsides.
To save on book-keeping, I’ve now incorporated Initial Broadside tracking into the module. We’ve played a couple of sessions with the amended module, and absent any other feedback to the contrary, I plan to release it soon on its Vassal page.

Meanwhile, you may the update module and extension here:
Module: … .vmod?dl=0
Extension: … .vmdx?dl=0

Vassal v3.5.7 required for the enhanced mouse-over support (provides visibility of ship’s broadside status)

Summary of the changes:

The main change is that ship’s broadside use is tracked during a turn and any ship’s broadside that have fired for the first time in the game is marked as such at turn end (ie can be undone during that turn, but not afterwards). Initial broadside is logged to chat (by default) and shown as a thicker smoke. The status of any ship’s broadsides is visible via an enhanced mouse-over.

The change is backward compatible insofar as players can continue to play as before, ignoring the new feature. For those that want to use it, the only adjustment is that they now use Shift+Ctrl+P/S to mask broadsides, rather than a dummy “fire broadside” using Ctrl+P/S. This form of masking is given a new graphic (smoke with two red Xs), for completeness.

I’ve also added:
F1 hotkey to bring up charts
Single end turn button (combined clear broadside and clear movement)
Option to have full initial / masked broadside reporting or rely on the graphics

I hope that FC players like the idea and the change I’ve made and I’m open to feedback.


PS If anyone can post or pass me a contact for the original module designer, I would like to let them know but their email address on the module page just bounced.

Also, the module’s help file (under the Help menu) was garbled due to invalid format or something. I fixed that and updated it to include the broadside tracking feature.

Fixed some minor issues. The Vassal Release for v2.4.1 is now with moderation.