Font size defaults, big screen/TV setups

Hello everyone and also huge thanks to everyone involved with developing Vassal.

First post, I did try searching the wiki and forums, but did not find anything relating to using Vassal on a big screen + sofa situation.

First, The TL;DR Question:
Is there a way to change the UI font size?

Second, lots of ramblings regarding The Question:
As you might know, HTPC setups with maybe Steam running in there, are a big thing (or getting to be anyway). The problem with this kind of setup is the distance to screen combined with fonts and layouts designed for monitors.
Because a 40+ inch screen is usually at least few meters from the sofa and a 8pt font is really awful to read on that combo.

Now a lot of software and games are starting to take this into consideration, but usually it’s not as simple as one might thing, since raising font size from 8pt to something like 18pt or 25pt bold will usually brake something in the UI. Sometimes the developer takes things like this into consideration from the get go, but for the most part it just takes way too much time to get projects started.

Anyway, it’s been many years since I touched code, let alone Java, so I thought it is better to raise this issue here and see what y’all in the know have to say about it.


Aaand I found a thread that discusses the same thing, started three days ago :unamused: