For the People 3.6.2 Custom Code Error (like many now)

The For the People module has a custom code error. The module SEEMS to work well though, but haven’t played a full game. The error details:

Deprecated classes, methods, and fields in D:\VASSAL\For the People\For_the_People_3.4.vmod
(used by => removed item, date eligible for removal)

FTPTurn.CounterTurnLevel =>, 2022-12-01
FTPTurn.ListTurnLevel =>, 2022-12-01
FTPTurn.TurnComponent =>, 2022-12-01
ForThePeople.FTPFootprint => VASSAL.counters.Labeler.drawLabel(java.awt.Graphics, java.lang.String, int, int, java.awt.Font, int, int, java.awt.Color, java.awt.Color, java.awt.Color), 2021-08-27
ForThePeople.FTPPieceSlot$MyConfigurer =>, 2021-08-06

Those aren’t errors. Those are warnings that the module contains custom code which depends on code we might remove. If that happens, then the module will not work with future versions of Vassal.

The maintainer of this module should update the custom code. Have you contacted the module’s maintainer about this?

Ah, ha. Thanks. No I will ping him/her.

I see the name of the maintainer is Brian Reynolds. Do we have list with their emails?

Ah. We can get his attention right here.

Hey @Cattlesquat, do you have the source for the FTP module?

Oh yeah I do, I will put an update of that on my list - thanks. I see we already ran off the end of the warning grace period :wink: