FOR THE PEOPLE - Opponent Wanted email game

I am fairly experienced with Vassal and am just renewing my interest in this game after a break of a few years. Willing to play either side.

Can guarantee quick replies.

Have played via vassal 4 times and would like to continue to improve my play of CSA . I am able to reply regularly and have experiance with vassal.
If so then go ahead and set us up and we can start game.

Hello Juno44:

Do you play with the ACTS card system too? I have found that the best way to keep track of cards and play. Of course I use VASSAL to actually record the move, but ACTS is still the best thing for card management.

Let me know what you would like to do.

For the VASSAL ‘first turn’ I’m not exactly clear what to do. I find the first turn the most difficult to set up because I’m not sure what the second player does. I have tried to ‘solitaire’ a game that way but it doesn’t really work.

Do I send the .vlog file on the first turn or the .vsav file or both?

Once we get going I’m fine because I know then you only send the .vlog file but for turn 1 I’m lost. (Or rather what the second guy does to start)

Gilbert Collins
Ottawa, Ontario

Hello Gilbert, I will have a look and do set-up . I use Acts with vassal as well. Give me a day to get set-up. Assume I will find your e-mail at ACTS site.

Greig Goodfellow
Edmonton, Alberta

Hey Greig, yes my email is there. I’m currently playing a “Washington’s War” game in ACTS too for the WBC tournament.

my email address is

I am willing to play, I own the game but it is still in the Shrink.

Hi Ed, your courier just rode up a tad late! I got a reply a day or so ago and I have already started the game.

I’m sure you should have no trouble getting another opponent as it is a terrific game.

So long,

G. Collins