For the People PBEM


Is there anyone who fancies playing For the People PBEM? Have played it once long ago but would like to try it again. Definitely in the newbie category with not much insight into expected strategies. I am also bound to make a bit of a hash of the rules, so bear with me!

I have played POG PBEM and got that pretty tied down and would now like to try FTP. Ideally would like to play FTP with someone who has the time to respond every couple of days or so.

Give me a shout if you do.



Happy to play FTP with you. Can use vassal mod and Acts for cards dice as well. PM me if you are still looking.



I have a copy of this game, have read the rules (a while ago) and downloaded the vassal module but got no further. I am interested in playing a PBEM game of this if you don’t mind a noobie. I would need to reread the rules before we start but could have that done in short order as I am retired. PM me if interested.