For the People - Political Control Markers Missing

Title says it all.

When I click on the panel to retrieve the political control markers all I see is a tiny red triangle in the upper right corner where the counter is supposed to be.

I tried downloading the module again, just in case the file was corrupted but the same thing happens.

For now I’m just using the ‘state control’ markers but I thought I should let the module designer know.


Seems a bit of explanation is in order.

The PC markers have 3 sides. (One of the beauties of VASSAL.) The topmost side is actually transparent showing just that little red triangle to remind you it is there. Just grab it like a regular counter from the panel and place. Then select it and right-click; hit Place PC and it will flip to Confederate, Place PC again and it goes Union (you can use Ctrl-O also).

Hope that helps,