For The People?

I have ordered the game and am looking forward to playing it, but I’d love to get a game on VASSAL to help me learn the ropes with it.

I’m not unfamiliar with CDGs. I have both Combat Commander & Twilight Struggle.

This game seems to fall somewhere between those games. Cards similar to Twilight, but a combat component closer to Combat Commander.

Let me know if you’re up for the challenge (of teaching not winning ) :wink:

Would be up for a game, have only played 4 times so far. All on Vassal so that part is not a problem. The acts site is a good one for the card driven games. I can wait until you get game or not it’s up to you. You may pick sides as I have no preference. Work shift work so available at a variety of odd hours for turns. Let me know and we can go ahead. I am at GMT-6 by the way, Edmonton Alberta.

Game should be in my hands on Wednesday or Thursday. What’s the acts website?

Acts site is very handy, keeps track of multiple games for you and mechanics of Cards and/or dice if you wish.