Foul Play: Blood Bowl team manager

Hi everyone!!
I’m new of the forum, I hope to write in the correct place, if not i apologise in advance.
First thank you to everyone for the great job that you have done in this site, I have some friends that live far from me and in this way we can play some board game even though the long distance.
For second I have done this discussion to ask if there is any possibility to have a module expansion of the blood bowl team manager, the foul play expansion. -is it in project?
Thank you everybody!

I havent had a chance to add the expansion yet - it is on my to do list though

Ok thank you very mutch;-)
You have done a great job whit this module
thank again from me and my friends ;-)

The expansion is now available

Hi Tim,

thanks for your work. How can i assign a scoreboard to the team?

See the pdf readme file under the 4.0 module. Explains how to assign teams. If you are just choosing by default without randomizing, just draw the side chits (as unassigned player) so they pop by their respective scoreboards. You can populate all teams if you wish

Thx, got it.

Hi Tim,

after a try of playing a 2 player game with my friend some questions came up.

  1. how can you adress a specific team to a player simpler … without using the side?-tokens?

  2. we both play a team from the PPG-division. In the first scoreboardphase i draw two star players from the PPG-Deck … after that we cant draw any more players. The deck seems empty for us. Do you have to fix this?

  3. If i substitute my players by mistake, how can i get them back?

  1. dont use the side tokens, agree before hand what sides you want to be and join as that team, just like you would ftf in real life. The scoreboards are not side dependent - you can use any of them - delete the ones you dont need/use by right clicking them.

  2. Not sure what you are doing without a vlog of your game problem in question. I can draw PPG star players just fine

  3. First toolbar button - Undo button (standard vassal feature) click until game is back to the state before you made the substitution

Hi Tim,

thanks for your answers.

1.) so there is no chance to add your team token to a scoreboard if you assign directly to a team?

2.) my fault. will log our game next time.

3.) Ok, so no other option to make some kind of reset or looking/grabbing players just sorted out.

Ill make a little extension that adds the side tokens to each of the specific player’s hand window that you can grab to place by scoreboards for you this evening for when you are assigning teams directly

Nice, thanks Tim! I wrote you a PN.

got it - replied back

first of all - a big “thank you” to everyone who contributed to creating this and other VASSAL modules. Me and my friends have had ton of fun with them. Brilliant stuff.

Now, regarding BB: TM module. Is there a good way to deal with desyncs? I’ve had several problems when running 4-player games. Some cards got missing, some got flipped and once we had cheat tokens change their state (the module treated them as revealed when in fact hey weren’t. It prevented users from “peeking” at them, which is required by some abilities). In some cases leaving and rejoining room helped but not always. I ran Twilight Imperium with 7 other players and never had such issues. Any ideas?

Additionaly, when a player discards a card to the bottom of a deck (say, staff upgrades), the deck goes missing, only the discarded card remains. We tested it with 3.2.6 and 3.2.15 versions. Any ideas and/or help? these bugs render the game unplayable (sadly).

Desyncs have nothing to do with how the module works. Thats an issue with the user’s end/isp/network connection or an engine bug (very unlikely).

Cards/Cheat tokens etc cant change their state and/or disappear without some sort of user input. Like all things program related, the module can only do what the user tells it to do - it can’t do things on its own :slight_smile:

Be sure to record a log next time of your games which we can step back and look through to help capture any problems though. It helps to see what the users are doing and if they do something inadvertent. Also check all users are using same version of vassal and of the module. Make sure there are no mismatches just in case there is a potential compatability problem.

Thanks for taking time to reply. I think I managed to pinpoint the issue - it usually occurs then someone tries to send a card to the bottom of a deck. Then, for some reason, the deck goes missing and the only cards left are the ones sent to the bottom. What is more, some people see the deck just fine, some don’t. It appears to be a general VASSAL issue. I’ve found that other people had similar problems as well like here: … ck-problem

All the players have the same version of Vassal installed. We’ve managed to reproduce the issue in test environment and user input is definitely not at fault here.

Is it worth reporting as a bug? Has anyone experienced this?

Do any of you happen to have the old Blood Bowl Vassal module?

GW won’t allow Vassal to host it, but I’ll host it if someone could send it to me.

Hi Tim
Thank you again for this module (BBTM) and its expansions.
I have tried the new version and there are a couple of bug with the last expansion.

1)The goblin team doesn’t have the two Trool Card.
2) You cannot assign the icon at the star player when you draw an all star whit the new teams (PPG league)
3) If you clear the field some times some players disappear. But is not important this problem, because with the back command we can fix it.

If you have time to resolve these problem please let me know.
Thank you very mutch again from Italy!!!