Freedom In the Galaxy


On the website, there is a listing for this module, but the files page has no files associated with it. There is a note from Pete Neale, saying he will upload a beta. Any idea how to contact him? FITG was a fun game… I’d love to play it with my son.

Cheers, jas.

Emailing him is usually a good idea ;) Try clicking on his name on the Contributors page.

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Wish it were that simple… On the contributors page his name is plain text… no URL… no email ID. I’ve tried searching this forum and googling… no luck.

Any other ideas?

Well, your browser must be stripping it out, because all contributors on all module pages on the Vassal site are mailto: links to the contributors.

How about the ‘Send email to all contributors’ link which is also a mailto: link to Pete?


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Its not plain text for me. Are you logged in?
Anyhoo his addy would be

Pete at petehat dot com

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Doh!! Didn’t realize you had to be logged in to see the addresses. That makes sense…