Game Continuations Russian Campaign TRC4.

I have a bunch of Russian Campaign games with surrendered opponents at various stages. I will take the surrendered/abandoned side. Most recently, with Germans on one side of Moscow, contested by russians on the other side (moscow unoccupied) going into nov dec with historic weather (snow). Germans control Kiev, but not Dpepropesovsk (whatever lol), and have lost an 8-7 and 7-7 Pz Cp. Otherwise casualties are mostly replaceable. The Sov has lost 3 workers in Moscow due to a retreat result, 2 at minsk as it was captured, and 2 workers have evacuated from leningrad.

Optional rules: Worker Evac and Soviet Air Power ceded to Soviet player for balance.

I was playing Germans. I’ve switched side and did the Soviet Turn. If you want to take over as the Germans, I’d love to continue the game. It’s Nov-Dec and with historic weather it’s snowing.

I have late war positions also!

Sucks when people here quit games. I was playing an interesting game of RC as the Russians and the German player, who was probably toast but had interesting plays, such stopped responding. Frustrating. I’m tempted to take you up but alas I’m not familiar with the 4th edition although I have played it at WBC this year, just the Barbarossa campaign. Hmmm.

You know what, send me one of the files. I’m pretty competitive, I’ll be happy to play your opponent’s original side and give you that satisfaction, I’ll try to beat ya though!

Belisarius I sent you a PM did you get it? Why don’t we play from the start. If you send me your email I can send you the 4th ed rules for the optional rules section. I know 3rd ed well enough to play it. As I recall, rivers freeze over in winter and don’t double defense. I lost my ruleset for 3rd with a crashed computer, and haven’t been able to relocate the download file.

So that question remains. In 4th ed there is no such rule that I or my latest opponent could find, but we both played the game before and thought rivers do not double defense in snow, but could find no reference to that in 4th ed rules. Since I can’t find the 3rd rules, could you (or anyone else) clear this question up?


In TRC3 rivers are not affected by snow; they are negated in the first impulse of the first turn:

14.3 Russian units defending behind rivers are not doubled during the first impulse of the May 1941 turn.

However, swamps are treated as clear terrain in snow months (see 8.1) - perhaps this is what you are thinking of?

If you are starting a new game, you might also want to take a look at the comments on overruns in: … IvcNJ/view


4th edition allows movement for units that partake in an automatic victory, in the next impulse, but not into enemy ZOC. I think that’s correct.

Yep, got your message. I’m fine with starting over but I would prefer the original AH 3d edition over the 4th. Not that one is better than the other just that I haven’t gotten tired of the 3d edition which I recently started playing!

Hi Dave,

just saw your post and wondered if you are still looking for opponents to finish abandoned games. I’m not exactly a TRC novice (bought my Jedko first edition in 1975), but haven’t played for quite a while and was looking for a way to get back into playing my favourite game - this looks like a better way than starting a campaign from scratch. I’ve never used Vassal, so would need a little mentoring. Happy to play with any rule set - I’ve also got AH and access to the 4th ed rules.