Game not updating for each side

[color=red][[Edit: problem solved ]]
While trying to play Race For The Galaxy (and also tried Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers) , the player sides are not realizing each others actions. I was able to successfully play one game , but prior to that , while testing by logging in on 2 different machines, and since , while playing with 2 different players on two different occasions, I am not able to play the game.

I could very easily be doing something stupid , like not pressing “start game” or some other such thing which may be obvious to others , but not to me as a new player.
[color=red][[ EDIT: It was in fact something as stupid as not right clicking the other players name and clicking Synchronize ]]
However, in the successful game I did play, I am able to navigate through the game correctly , click reveal when ready to reveal cards, and all that. Cards which are hidden until clicking reveal are outlined showing their backs. However, now that is not the case , it is as if the two players are not playing on the same screen layout.

I have tried using 3.0.017 , as well as 3.1.0 on Windows Vista 64
I have tried using 3.1.0 on a Windows 2000 virtual machine (W2KVM)
I do not recall which played the successful game , but I beleive it was the W2KVM.