Game of Thrones 2nd edition


I’m looking for opponents who want the play GoT. I play the base game regularly with friends but I’m new to Vassal.
Let me know if you’re interested


You’ve just found one :slight_smile:

:smiley: a few more to go

if we don’t play a live game I would be interested. This would be my first vassal game as well, but am eager to learn.

I am also interested, new to Vassal, and looking for games that are not live.

I’ll watch : )

hi all, i m new of vassal.
i love got2 , pls anyone want play and teach me how engine work?


First post, just downloaded, and registered. I haven’t played the game in real life yet, but I watched a bunch of videos. I might be playing a rl game this weekend, but I am interested in playing on here also.

I’d like a game - first time playing on vassal, but have played GoT before.

I just downloaded Vassal and would like to try as well. I have played the board game before.

I know Vassal, count me in.


I would be interested in this as well.How would PBEM work with this game having multiple players?

One thing to note: I own the game but have yet to actually play. I’ve wanted to though. :slight_smile:

Let me know what transpire.


I would really like to play as well.

Just purchased this game, and would love to give it a go asap. If any of you guys are still looking to put together a 4-5 multi-player pbem group, Please get in touch with me.


I also would like to play pbem of this game. Is there a closed group already or any match ongoing ? If is there some empty spot, let me know please.


If you need players I’m ninterested in joining. I hvae the boardgame my self and have playd it several times with friends.

I play games every now and then!

PS: Just remember to use VERSION 1.42!

New to Vassal. Haven’t played GoT 2nd ed yet but I’ve read the rules and would be willing to join a game.

im keen to join too.

when is the game night?

Im up for playing. I have played it loads, when?