Game of Thrones - Dance With Dragons

Hey guys,

I’m a Vassal’s Game of Thrones Board Game player, i saw that there’s an expansion that update the game to the fifth book’s scenario, enabling instant combat and a more dynamic gameplay.
i’m exicted to play it on Vassal, i’ve searched it on the net but i didnt find a module that we can play, so i edited the 1.30 Game of Thrones. Basically the cards. I have no skills at photoshop so i edited the cards on paint :slight_smile:, i dont have skills at programming either, so there’s a bug on the “choose cards” option, but i think it’s playable. I know i didnt do a great work but its a start, every help will be truly wellcome, i just wanna help.

There are a zip with the a sav with the startup of dance with dragons and the module. I used the data that i found in the website, just changed some cards characters cuz i didnt find the art of the original characters, but the effects still the same as posted there. :slight_smile:

Everything, contact me,
sorry for my bad english.
i would be glad to help, thank you all,
Igor Vanderlei.

PS: Choosing Card bug fixed:

Your 6-player setup has a few errors.

The Tyrell footman in the Kingswood should be a knight.
There should be power tokens in Storms End (Baratheon) and Searoad Marches (Greyjoy)
There should be a 6 unit neutral force in the Eyrie

If you got the setup from the picture I posted on Game Board Geeks, I have since updated it.


Why did you release a modified module instead of making an expansion for A Game of Thrones 1.30?

hey, ty for the correction.
i fixed the startup:

Hi guys,

I saw a bug in this module where u can’t choose Tyrell side. I think i fixed that but I have 2 questions. Does Tyrell really start with 0 power tokens. Just asking if someone didn’t overlook this. 2nd question is do add 4 power to the defence of the storm’s end if u want to attack it. Like a garrison. Thanks in advance

edited another version: dwd 1.0
you can be online in both modules, this way will be easier to find games.
thanks to Azrin, who without it wouldnt be real.