Game of Thrones - Looking for gamer

this would be my first time playing the GoT scenario, and also the vassal engine. It would help if you were to be patient and guide me thru the game, so i could get the hang of it.


I just downloaded Vassal and GoT as well. I am also looking to learn both.

I played only 1ed of GOT but if you need more people than you can pm me for further details.

It would be my first online game too, what about a noob game?

i would be interested in playing game of thrones 2nd edition i’m new to the game and new to vassal and thought if you were getting a noob game togeatehr i would love to get in on that action.

Played GoT a few times FtF so I still consider myself a noob and would be totally interested in a noob game. Please let me know if one gets organized.

I just installed it, and im a complete beginner myself.
I would like to join any other new players… or experienced with some patience, :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is my availability to play might make it easier. Tuesday evenings and Saturdays and Sundays are good days for me or during the day for the rest of the week as I work evenings. I’m based in the U.K. To give you a rough idea of when those times may be.

I’m semi-retired until Jan so willing to play almost any time. What version is everyone on though? Because I see more people playing v 1.30 than the latest version which is 1.31.

You guys still organizing games? I would love to join if you guys are still making games. The skype is SuperUberBob, just let me know.

I’m online and ready to play today, anyone else?


I am a new user of VASSAL engine, but I’m familiar with GOT. I would like to play if anyone is interested (I will need some assitance with setting up VASSAL however :stuck_out_tongue: )

Are you still getting games together? If so I would like to play. I’m still trying to learn all the vassal controls

I would totally play anything GoT, though I have to learn (starting to get the hang of vassal)

Hi guys does any1 want to play the game. I’ve never played it on vassal but am eager to learn