Game Piece Inventory Window Enhancements

Greetings. I had a thought (drats, again). I wanted to use the game piece inventory window to report the locations of:
(1) For each major power (China, CW, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, USA & USSR), user selectable; and
(2) For a particular Unit (game piece) type (arm, mech, para. mtn, etc), also user selectable.
Nothing within the feature seems to allow this.
So, how about an addition to this function’s capabilities to also a, user (read module developer) predefined set of options as to what can be ‘inventoried’. I would be more than happy with just point (2) as it is easy enough to have one trigger for each major power. BTW, I currently do that for finding HQs and tpts/amphs.
Next request. How about enabling the ‘map flare’ function when a user clicks on a game piece in the inventory window. Centering the screen to where the game piece is OK, but that fails if near an edge. Having the map flare also operating would be a great bonus.
My modules are World in Flames. A map hex can contain, with the current layers I use, up to 3 ground units, 3 aircraft units on top of them and then (sometimes) a game action counter or two. If you add in the naval units, of which a trs/amph is a part, then there could be lots of naval units just under the ground units. So the map flare would be really, really helpful in singling out the necessary map hex.