Game Piece Inventory

Can anyone point me to module that uses this so I can learn how it works?

Also, I ideally would like to be able to present data in the following tabular format…

Country X:
unit type number_on_map user_string maximum_allowed_constant

INF-4 10 / 32
INF-3 14 / 16

Any hints as to how to do this?

For some straightforward examples, take a look at the current Commands & Colors: Napoleonics module (v3.42).

There are 3 GPIWs defined. From the main toolbar, these are under buttons “?In Hands” and two ?Count buttons (one for terrain and the other for units). In the editor, you will find the definitions for these near the end of the module.


Mark -
Thanks for pointing me to this module, it was a big help in getting me started!
V/R - brett