Game Piece Layers problem

I create a new “Game Piece Layers” element for my “Main Map.” I leave the property name for layer as “Layer.” I then add a new layer field I called “bottom.” I type it in quickly, and what I get for the new layer name is just “b”. However, my property name for layer is now “Layerottom”.

Every time I type a character in a layer field, the character is recorded, but then the cursor jumps up to the end of the “property name for layer” field. The only way I can enter a complete field is type a character, click on the field to put the cursor back on the field, type another character, and so on.

I thought I might fool it by typing “bottom” elsewhere and copying and pasting it to the layer field. This caused vassal to crash with a dump and submission to the bug tracker.

This feature did not occur in 3.5.0.


I had another similar bug report but had no idea how to reproduce the problem.

Thanks Stan!

I have something to add on this problem. Yesterday I decided to add a map Layer control element. I wanted to have a layer toggle between active and inactive when I pressed a toolbar button.

First, I could not get this option to work at all. When I pressed the button, all pieces on the layer disappeared as I expected and wanted. It was now an inactive layer. However, pushing it again did not make it active again. It remained permanently inactive. I can make a test mod if asked.

Second, entering layer names in the list had the same problem as I describe above. Every time I typed a character caused the cursor to jump to the description field, so I constantly had to restore control to the name field after every key press. It was unreliable though. Vassal crashed with internal errors (reported) twice while I was trying to list layers.

Does this happen with the current test build, 3.5.2-SNAPSHOT-16b60e0f1-windows-64.exe?

The snapshot fixed the problem of the cursor jumping around. Thanks.

However, I still have a problem with map layer control, a sub-element of map layer. This element lets you control the active and inactive state of layers. One option is to toggle between active and inactive. (It’s useful when one needs a more rigorous “hide pieces” button.) This doesn’t work for me. The layers become inactive, but they never toggle back to active. This is something new I just discovered last night. I can make a test vmod if you need one.

(1) Would you list which problems exactly are outstanding in 3.5.2-SNAPSHOT-16b60e0f1? I"m having trouble keeping track of what is and is not fixed.


Is there an earlier version where you didn’t have this problem?

What’s outstanding? For me, it’s two.

  1. If I put an image in a piece’s basic trait and then later in a later session remove it (no image), it complains about a missing image. It doesn’t complain if I don’t put an image there in the first place. It would appear some code is hanging onto image information that no longer exists.

  2. The map Layer control element allows a player, by toolbar button, to toggle layers between active and inactive. This doesn’t work for me. They become inactive but will never become active again. It won’t toggle.

What was fixed? The cursor-jumping when I tried to enter layer fields in layer control. This was a bad one because it destabilized Vassal. I had 4 or so Vassal crashes when I was fooling with layer stuff.

I just found another cursor-jumping problem that the snapshot missed.
Create a dynamic property. Add a key command. Choose “prompt user to select from list.”
The problem happens when I try to enter list values, e.g. type one character, and the cursor jumps to the description field.

  1. The No Image problem has been fixed in the the latest release. You will need to track down any remaining instances of this in your counters and reset the image. Edit the buildfile.xml and search for ‘(No Image)’ to find the counters affected.

  2. The new cursor jumping issue has a new issue … i?id=14112 opened and will be fixed for 3.5.4. The work-around for this issue is to enter the text in that field one character at a time and click back into the field when the cursor jumps.

  3. The Map Layer control issue has been reported by someone else and has issue … i?id=14125 for it.


The 3.5.4-SNAPSHOT-95b893e38 build has a fix for the focus problem: