Game Pieces Pallete restricted to certain Sides

For what I’ve seen is not possible to restrict who have access to Game Pieces Pallete. And I think it would be very useful to have that possibility.

This can be done with an indirect method.
Add two game piece palletes (one per side) and set them to be hidden with a hotkey. Each hotkey must be different.
Give each player somewhere an at start stack Action button that when activated invokes the hotkey to make the specific pallete appear for the player.
Restrict the action buttons to the player that requires the access using the restrict command trait or restrict side trait

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What Tim said.

Plus the question of whether this is really what you want. The thing
about a Game Pieces Palette is that you can draw as many pieces as you
want from it. Perhaps what you really want instead is more like a
Force Pool, which would be just a private map (possibly in a private
window) that contains a set of pieces that can be chosen, but that
don’t offer unlimited amounts.

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For example playing a D&D Game, as DM you want to put monster or other items in map, but you don’t want other players having access to the Game Piece Pallete involving monster, and so on.

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What’s the the proper expression for using a Restrict Commands to block access to a specific playerSide? I can’t figure this out. I don’t want to use Restrict Access (which covers the entire piece), just the one command needs restricting.

How do I properly express the matching properties section?

Yes, I have have defined my player sides. Assume, I have a playerSide “Joe”, how do I use a Restrict Commands trait within a piece/prototype to prevent “Joe” seeing/using a given command on the piece (to which Joe otherwise has access for other purposes)?


If I understand what you’re saying correctly, you would place the restriction just below the traits you don’t want a player to have access to and apply the filter.

playerSide != Joe

For example, you can have a Trigger Action that would trigger some of the traits and the last thing it triggers is another Trigger Action that would trigger the remaining traits and you would put the restriction filter on the second Trigger Action.

Does that make sense?

There’s another method for getting unlimited number of pieces based on just one piece (like a game piece pallete) that been quite affective for me and I’ve been using quite a lot in my own mods.

Create a piece somewhere in a hidden window that players do no have access to. Place a Send to Location on that piece to send it to a specific spot when it’s needed. For this example, let’s say CTRL S

When it’s needed, have something trigger a Place Marker trait. Define the Place Marker by selecting the hidden piece and at the bottom of the Place Marker trait, you’ll see the option:

“Keystroke to apply after placement”

Place you’re CTRL S here. When the trigger is executed, it will place a marker and fire the CTRL S which will move it to a specified location.

This should give you far more control over who has access to it and how it’s used.

No, you’ve misunderstood. I was a little unclear. Regardless, I should not have posted that here. Please see the thread:

Where I will try again.

I’m trying to use Tim’s indirect method. I have an action button piece that fires a global hotkey that triggers the show hide in the palette. But it only seems to work when the palette is not hidden at the start, which means that there is a button for it in the control window. Is there any way to remove/hide/disable this? Am I missing something?

(My game is refereed and has about 60 unit types per side, the players won’t initially know about all the enemy types, and they will be able to raise large numbers of new units over the course of the game. I don’t want them to be able to see each other’s available unit types, and I don’t want to create stacks or private window spawn controls for each unit type.)
(What I guess I’ll do if I can’t get this working is ask what they want to build in the recruitment phase, edit the module to unlock the palette, add the new units, edit again to re-lock, and send them the updated file. A method that seems brutally clumsy at best.)

It should work even with hidden palette at start, so may be doing something wrong. Regardless you can hide the button by using a Toolbar menu - add the button to it and blank out the fields for the toolbar menu