Game Play Query Before Module Loads Completely

We are running into an issue with a module with a large map is getting hung at a certain percentage and then presenting the “Start New Game” window, covering the module processing window. Players are clicking on that and, it seems, it is stopping the module loading process, leaving usually a missing map and a scroggled game. I understand that it takes a while to load a new module, but why does it present the game start window like this BEFORE the module is done loading?

Couple of followup questions:
(1) What module (and any other scenario & repro steps information)
(2) Is this when starting the game from the “Wizard”, or from multi-player, or some other process? (please describe exact repro steps)



I found the issue! People who DL’d the module from my Amazon Drive link had no issue. People who downloaded the mod from a repository we have had the issue. For some reason, that repository was “scroggling” images. We supposedly have it fixed. It’s NOT a “vassal issue”. Sorry to bother everyone.

git --unscroggle --hard --force *

See also: git-man-page-generator.lokaltog … J1bmRsZQ==


git-parry-evil-merge parries specified downstream evil merges from some prefixed dangling objects.

If only they could extend that to auto-parry all evil merges, life would be so sweet :slight_smile: