game request

I would like to throw a module request out there. Anyone able to do the AH Kriegspiel? yes, it was a crummy little game but it was great for doing miniature campaigns etc. Thanks Dennis

I have this game but it is currently in storage so it is unavailable to me.

Zorro, do you have high resolution or good quality images of the game (Counters, cards, and boards) plus a copy of the rules that you could send to me?

Otherwise I would have to with great difficulty get the game out of storage or make all the pieces of the game myself (which I have done for VASSAL before)

I played this game solitaire many times but difficult to do with the battle cards - but that was a LONG time ago.

iam, I sent you a pvt message. I found the game easy to play solitare by just picking a defense card at random. It was a cheezy simple game but flexible in maps and adding nukes, prison camps, beach invasions etc.

iam, i did scan the game, theres not much to it. thanks

iam, hows the kriegspiel progect going? email me if you need other scans.

iam or anyone else any luck with a TAHGC Kriegspiel?

Zorro, I have not forgotten you.

Other VASSAL committments have taken longer than expected. Currently working to complete Chattanooga vassal, when that is done I will put together Kriegspiel.

I will need images for attack cards, defender will choose his defense by card and attacker will choose his attack and then both players will reveal. I guess I don’t need attack images, just the words will be enough.

Thanks, Stephen (iam)

thanks iam, Chattanooga sounds great! let me know if theres anything else I can do.

Kriegspiel Vassal is now available at: