Game Wanted

I’m new to Vassal, but interested in giving a game a try, especially some old AH games that I rarely find opponents for. This is the group I’d love to play:

A House Divided

Long time since I have played, but I own:

Third Reich
Afrika Korps

Look me up sometime if you are interested.

I own Midway and would like to try it on VASSAL. I have tinkered with Vassal but have no idea how it would work in realtime.

I am interested. I own most of these, but it has been a while on most. Contact Tom at

I’m interested in Panzerblitz. Send me a mail to

Hi! I also have AH’s Midway and would like to try it on Vassal. I have not used Vassal before so there would be a learning curve. If you’re game let’s give it a try.