I am starting this post for those players seeking a Gamester/Referee for their double blind games. :slight_smile:

As for myself, I am looking for a player who would enjoy Gamemastering as well as playing when not refereeing and who is familiar with the rules, or who has experience playing the following games: Avalon Hill- Bismark and Submarine.

I am also offereing to Gamemaster the two titles above, with the caviat that we would take turns playing and refereeing games.

To everyone in the Vassal community, feel free to post for other games, I know of lots of other titles that could use a Gamemaster/Referee in order to make the games more challenging and fun.

I have discussed this with Razor and am happy to add my name to the list of players/referees for Bismarck and Submarine.

Airforce/Dauntless is another game which springs to mind as suitable so i would be up for that as well.


Hello Bry, if you are still around, can you tell how you managed to play BIsmarck in double-blind live games without the moves of the ship showing?


You can add me to the list for Bismarck. I will gladly play and referee. Starkadd and I are using the repaired module so the fog of war works now. I am in Kansas USA (CST: GMT -6 hours).